Phil Nichol & Muscle

Fringe veteran Phil Nichol’s manically exuberant stage presence is the stuff of legend – a rollicking rollercoaster of comedy and songs.

Phil Nichol is one of Kirsty’s favourite people. They have been working together on and off for 15 years, as well as being close friends and fiends.

The remarkable and unique talents of Phil Nichol cannot be summed up easily. He first became known as a third of Canadian musical comedy heroes Corky & The Juice Pigs and since they disbanded, he’s become a multiple-award-winning comedian, actor, director, singer-songwriter, musician, West End musical star, theatre company pioneer, podcaster, writer and voice-over artiste. He’s annoyingly good at everything and also an extremely kind and generous person. God, Phil – you are showing the rest of us up, stop it.

Kirsty has played bass, keyboards and sung in many of Phil’s live shows, including a UK & Ireland tour of Hiro Worship and a few appearances on TV and radio. She has appeared on at least 3 of Phil’s studio albums, including their rock band MUSCLE (admire the photos). Phil also brilliantly directed Kirsty’s debut solo Edinburgh Fringe show Life Begins At Party!

By complete coincidence, Kirsty and Phil are quite often the last ones standing at a party.

Find out more about the force of nature that is Phil Nichol here:

You can download Phil’s two music albums, ‘Ethel’s Little Ditties‘ and ‘Late Night Electric Watermelon‘ by following the links below.

Beyond that, follow Muscle to the 11th Dimension, where you’ll find band leader, The Boss, bears a striking resemblance to Phil….



Kirsty (or “some girl”) playing with Phil on The Graham Norton Show in 2008:

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