Solo Comedy

Kirsty started learning how to make short sketches during lockdown:

A few years ago, Kirsty noticed that people had stopped asking her when she was going to have children and started to ask when she was going to do her first solo show, instead. She bowed to pressure and in 2016, gave birth to her debut solo Edinburgh Fringe show: LIFE BEGINS AT PARTY – about being one of the world’s least grown-up 40-year-old women.

It was essentially a one-woman variety show but also featured Tom Clutterbuck on tech/DJ duties and Iris Callan on hat duties and was directed by Phil Nichol. Every day she featured a different special birthday guest, including Josie Lawrence, Marcus Brigstocke and Mike McShane.

Since then, she’s performed a solo set at Glastonbury, done a comedy tour of the Scilly Isles and been a very part-time solo comedian up and down the country.

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